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  • Where do you work?
    Based out of Oakbrook, Illinois, we do remote bookkeeping throughout the United States, hence the “DX” in DX Financial Solutions, Inc. DX in Amateur (Ham) Radio means long distance communication. At DX Financial Solutions, Inc., we serve clients all over the United States using custom options depending on the needs of the client.
  • How does it work?
    Contact us and let us know what your needs are. We will prepare a quote and an engagement agreement letter based on our conversation. Secure document sharing is essential, so we use systems like Dropbox to accomplish this. Other programs like Splashtop are used for screen sharing in training, or for accessing your QuickBooks® software on your computer. The “Accountants Copy” feature in the QuickBooks® desktop software is another option. If you use QuickBooks® Online, then you would add us as an accountant.
  • Do you work with other accounting software programs?
    We are highly focused on the Inutit QuickBooks® software suite and so do not offer any support with other programs. We do however work with the many third-party apps that integrate with the different QuickBooks® software. Check out the QuickBooks® app store at
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