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Mike Day, Principal, DX Financial Solutions

Mike Day - Principal, Expert Bookkeeper, Lead Consultant


Nathan Day - Account Executive


Gabriel Day - VP, Bookkeeper, Second Consultant

Our team

Our team
A little bit about us

A little bit about us

               Helping small business owners be more profitable is why we work. It is what gets us excited in the morning and keeps us moving when we’re exhausted. The profitability of our clients is our commitment and our passion. It has been since DX Financial Solutions was born in February of 2012 when Mike Day filed his bookkeeping sole proprietorship in Illinois.

               Ever since, we have remained a small, family-owned business. We understand tight budgets and uncertain futures. We get it when our clients pay with checks because their cash flow is barely putt-putting. We know the all-too-familiar bank balances teetering on the zero line, and foregoing paychecks because the invoices remain unpaid. Small business is in our DNA.

Small business is in our DNA.

               DX Financial Solutions has lived the challenges of small business and we’ve built our company to withstand them. It’s our goal that our clients weather the storms of entrepreneurship like we have for the past 10 years.

Bookkeeping is our expertise.

               Bookkeeping is an essential component of the success of a company and it is our expertise, but it isn't enough. Small businesses need an arsenal of tools that ensure survival and improve profitability. Therefore in addition to excellent bookkeeping, DX Financial Solutions has dedicated itself to growing a wealth of knowledge that is vital for the life of a small business. Everything from proper invoicing workflow to smart reporting and wise budgeting, we know it and we share it.

From proper invoicing workflow to smart reporting and wise budgeting, we know it and we share it.

               Our diligent work, uncompromising service, and commitment to the success of our clients is why they consistently bring home a paycheck they are proud of.  

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