DX Financial Solutions, Inc.
Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Services

DX Financial Solutions, Inc. offers New QuickBooks® Company setup, Full Service Bookkeeping, Quarterly Tune-ups, Troubleshooting, Payroll, Training and tax preparation.

New QuickBooks® Company Setup:
For brand new companies or for companies that want to start using QuickBooks® for the first time. We can also convert a company QuickBooks® Online file to a QuickBooks® Desktop version, and vice versa.  We create a QuickBooks® file for the company and enter all company, customer, vendor and employee data, and essentially prepare the QuickBooks® file with a specific start date for the company to begin using forward.

Full-Service Bookkeeping
On a monthly basis we enter all accounting transactions into the QuickBooks® company file. This includes bank and credit card accounts and all customer and vendor transactions. We also perform the bank reconciliation.  We run the scheduled payroll, handle payroll liability payments, as well as prepare and file the corresponding tax returns, including 1099-MISC for non-employees.

Quarterly Tune-up
We review the company’s QuickBooks® file and identify errors or improper use of the software. We make suggestions for improvement and upon approval execute those suggestions in the company’s file.

Troubleshooting Although similar to the Quarterly Tune-up, Troubleshooting involves specific issues the company is having problems with. We identify the corresponding solutions and fix them upon approval.

Payroll is included in the Monthly Full-Service Bookkeeping, but we also offer this as a stand-alone service.

QuickBooks® Training
We offer training to companies wanting to improve their skills with QuickBooks®, or just need help with specific features.

Tax Preparation & Filing

We prepare and file tax returns for individuals, businesses and non-profits:

  • Form 1040, U.S. Individual Tax Return

  • State Individual Returns

  • Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income

  • Form 1120, U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return

  • Form 1120s,  U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation

  • Form 990- non-profit

  • State Business Returns